Yoga - Taiji - Pilates

We are pleased to announce that we can conduct our courses again from May 11th. However, please note the information in our protection concept (see link below).

All participants must provide their surname, first name and telephone number before the course begins.

Yoga and Taiji are more than just physical training; it is also the cultivation of mindfulness and
perception that supports our mental and emotional development. Yoga begins here and now and
is for everyone.

After the successful LAAX Yoga winter start we are happy to welcome you to our summer and autumn Yoga and Taiji sessions.

Summer Season 2020

  • Yoga
    • Evening-Yoga - Stenna Center 1. floor
      • 11. Mai - 25. October 2020
        • Monday: 19.00 - 20.15
        • Tuesday: 18.30 - 19.45
        • Friday: 19.00 - 20.15
        • Saturday: 18.00 - 19.15
    • Caumasee-Yoga
      • 21. June - 23. August
        • 09.00 - 10.15
    • Taiji - Stenna Center 1. floor
      • 11. Mai - 25. Oktober 2020
        • Wednesday: 18.00 - 19.15
    • Pilates - Stenna Center 1. floor
      • 11. May - 25. October 2020
        • Thursday: 18.00 - 19.00
          • Fascia Pilates
        • Thursday. 19.30 - 20.30
          • Strength + endurance Pilates
    • NEW: Kids-Yoga - Stenna Center 1. floor
      • a reservation is necessary!!
      • 15 July 2020
        • 16.30 - 17.30
          • 60 min - CHF 15.--
    • Please note the following cancellations!!
      • Pilates is cancelled on the following dates!
        • 16.07. / 23.07. / 30.07. / 06.08.
      • As a alternative we offer Yin Yoga (20.00) on 23.07. / 30.07. / 06.08.
      • On August 12th, Taiji is cancelled!

Winter Season 19/20

  • Yoga
    • Morning-Yoga: 9. December 2019 - 13. April 2020
      • every Friday/Saturday: 08.00 - 09.15
        • Laax Base Station, Riders Hotel
    • Evening-Yoga: 9. December 2019 - 13. April 2020
      • Laax Base Station, Riders Hotel:
        Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
        18.00 - 19.15
      • Flims Base Station, Stenna Center, 1. floor
        Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
        18.00 - 19.15
        18.30 - 19.45 Uhr

  • Taiji
    • 9. December 2019 - 13. April 2020
      • every Monday: 18.00 - 19.15
      • Flims Base Station, Stenna Center, 1. floor
yoga member image
Viviane Oettinger
Yoga Teacher

My classes are based on traditional Ashtanga Yoga, which I have been practicing and living since 2008. I put great emphasis on correct alignment in the asana practice as well as to an attentive observation of the mind. Yoga therapeutic elements and insights from my work as a Buddhist psychotherapist enrich my teaching.

Yoga helps me to train the mind, gain concentraiton and expand consciousness. In addition to the opening and cleansing of the physical and energetic bodies, my perception gets refined through daily practice. From these insights my wish arises to commit myself to the wholesome development of all beings.
yoga member image
Ousman Sey
Yoga Teacher

By integrating aspects of Strength, Mobility, BreathWork, Restoration and Meditation the classes that I offer will touch on the different elements necessary to support a comprehensive, healing practice.

Through the exploration of Movement, BreathWork and Meditation, my intention is to create a space in which people can begin to explore the deeper aspects of themselves through the practice of Yoga. The physical body is in a constant state of change and as such the way in which it should be trained must be complementary to this process

yoga member image
Nadine Otte
Yoga Teacher

I practise and teach traditional Hatha Yoga with the focus in the aspect of balancing our energies. In my yoga classes I teach a colorful mix of Yin, Hatha and Pranayama elements.

Important to me is the understanding that Yoga is not a physical workout but a way of life that harmonizes body, mind and spirit to live a balanced life and preparing the body for a deeper spiritual practise like meditation, allowing us to master the challenges of everyday life with more ease.


yoga member image
Corinna Spöther
Yoga Teacher

Yoga is the unity of body, mind and soul. I mainly teach traditional Hatha Yoga, with influences from the Sivananda tradition to strengthen the body as well Yin Yoga for deeper relaxation.

Integrating holistic Yoga as an ability to get deeper into self reflection, to release tension and achieve stillness and harmony in body, mind and soul. At the moment I am in training as a Yoga Therapist to offer people alternative healing possibilities.

yoga member image
Lindsay Andrews
Yoga Teacher

Through my own practice, I have transformed old biases into new perspectives. This has grounded me, allowing clearer sight and greater compassion. Each time I step on to the mat, I afford myself time and space. It is this sense of moment that I try to share.

During classes, I interweave yogic philosophy, and encourage its principles for others to take away. Each class offers a dynamic flow, with grounded deep breath work to journey into the present moment. I structure my classes to challenge while offering a time to reflect. I tailor classes to meet the needs of the students, wherever they may be in their individual journey.


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Allon Moritz
Tai Chi Teacher

Since 2003 I have been training Tai Chi with a lot of passion. Learned and perfected it directly in China. The daily cultivation of the body and mind gives me a lot of strength for everyday life and an awareness of the energy in the body.

It is my intention to teach this inner martial art authentically in the Laax School. Tai Chi is so much more than just slow movement. It is a profound work with the body structure and a movement method based on inner strength and relaxation at the same time.

yoga member image
Milli Vetsch
Yoga Teacher

In my Hatha Yoga Flow classes I combine the wide spectrum of yoga to create an inner balance and to train the inner perception. Breathing exercises, meditation and rest are as much a part of my practice as the powerful body exercises.

In Yoga I see a way to constantly develop myself and to gain experiences, which can also be outside my own well-trodden paths.

yoga member image
Sylvie Fröhlicher
Yoga Teacher

Mindful Yoga Flow: Mindful flowing movements, precise orientation, and conscious breathing are main components of my yoga classes.

Yoga practice is where I meet myself and recharge my batteries: present in the moment and connected to body, mind and heart.

yoga member image
Betty Keller
Yoga Teacher

Yoga bedeutet mir mit Hilfe der Atmung den Körper zu stärken un zu dehnen. Dabei den Bereich der eigenen Möglichkeiten zu entdecken und weiterzuentwickeln. Wichtige Aspekte sind mir Herausforderung, Wohlfühlen, Brücke zum Alltag und Entspannung.

Ich unterrichte themenorientierte Vinyasa Flow Stunden. Mir bereitet es Freude mein Wissen aus der Yogaausbildung mit dem Wissen aus der fundierten Bewegungspädagogikausbildung zu kombinieren und zu vermitteln.

yoga member image
Martin Bosch
Yoga Teacher

Yoga allows me to live the fullness of life. To become physically and mentally flexible is for me the daily motivation to practice Yoga, according to the motto of Sri.K.Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and All is Coming.

In the yoga classes I support the participants to unite body and mind. My classes are characterized by a combination of dynamic, flowing and static asanas with pranayama and meditation.

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Marionna Wellinger
Yoga Teacher

Yoga, my toughest teacher and my best friend. For many years I have been accompanied by daily yoga routine after the Philosophy of Sivananda. In my second home country, Mexico, teaching yoga and my passion for surfing can be combined and experienced in the best possible way.

It is with great pleasure that I teach here in LAAX, together with a wonderful team.

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Rebecca Schmid
Yoga Teacher

Through yoga I have experienced how valuable it is to live, accept and be grateful in the present moment.

My classes are characterized by strengthening yoga flows in which you fully arrive in your mind and body.

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Pierina Cathomen
Yoga Teacher

Through my individual Hatha Flow Style, passive and active forms fuse into a unity that nurtures body, mind, and soul.

Through yoga and meditation, I have learned to accept myself the way I am. As a yoga teacher and ayurveda therapist I try to convey this message with a lot of love.

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Romina Lehmann
Yoga Teacher

The heart of my lessons are flowing, powerful movements, which I combine with calmer passages or breathing exercises. Always backed by music. I try to support my students in an alignment of the Asanas that is adapted to their personal needs and circumstances so that yoga can be or become a companion for the whole life in a healthy, individual way.

Yoga has become a way for me to allow myself to take care of myself and to take myself, my body and my needs seriously. The mat has become a home for me.

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Sandra Bundi
Pilates Trainer

Pilates is considered a feel-good training that shapes the body and provides inner harmony. Precise, flowing movements to the rhythm of deep, conscious breathing gently shape the body and create a natural upright posture.

I teach Pilates with enthusiasm because it is always gratifying to see how quickly the Pilates training takes effect and what positive feelings it immediately releases.                                        

Liberated, relaxed, relaxed and relieved is the apt description of Pilates. The participants feel good and go home with a smile. That makes me happy.


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