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Adventurous rides, panoramic tours or skills training - the variety of biking opportunities in the Flims Laax Falera regain awaits you. Our highly motivated guides will share their insider tips with you and show you the most beautiful aspects of mountain biking the region has to offer.


  School System Bike

Bike Equipment

  • all course participants have to bring / organize the mountain bike themselves
  • regular bike (without training wheels/not a running bike) with handbrakes and gear shift (of advantage)
  • helmet and gloves

Blue 1 / Blue 2
  • the following applies to beginners: the less suspension travel, the better you can improve your riding technique. Therefore a hardtail (front suspension only) is sufficient.
  • protectors

from Red 1
  • in this offer we recommend a full-suspension all-mountain or enduro bike
  • protectors

Kids Session
  • kids mountain bike
  • protectors

Gerenal requirements for mountain bikes
  • Hand brakes (no coaster brake!)
  • Gear shift that works simply and without great effort
  • From Blue 1: Disc brakes highly recommended, from Blue 2 disc brakes compulsory
  • The size of the bike must be exactly matched to the body size. A bike that is too small or too big makes handling the bike very difficult
  • Good tires with enough profile for driving on trails - brittle tires must be changed
  • A bike service before the bike season is highly recommended

A suitable and well-functioning bike is much more fun!

Clothing and Protectors

Clothing should be adapted to the weather conditions.
Knee and elbow protectors, full-fingered gloves, helmet, non-slip bike shoes, backpack with spare tube,
rain jacket may be required.


We recommend to bring a snack (bars, etc.) and something to drink with you.


Lift tickets/bus tickets are not included in the price!


Bike Camps

  • July: 4. / 11. / 18. / 25.
  • August: 1. / 8. / 15.
  • October: 3. / 10. / 17.
Bike Kindergarten

for 3 years old children

  • no like a bike /
  • no support wheels
Course elements
  • get on/off
  • riding curves
  • stop
  • braking

for kids aged 4-5 years

  • feeling good on a mountain bike /
  • no training wheels (not a running bike) /
  • safe hand braking
Course elements
  • basic position (standing)
  • get on/off sideways
  • pushing mountain bike
  • pedaling (straight/small incline)
  • shifting gears
  • braking
  • keeping balance
  • cornering
Blue 1

for kids aged 6 years and older

  • no mountain biking experience /
  • safe riding on pavements or wide gravel paths /
  • keep balance /
  • use hand brakes
Course elements
  • basic position (standing)
  • get on/off sideways
  • push mountain bike
  • lift mountain bike
  • pedal (straight/small incline)
  • sway pedal
  • shift
  • brake
  • balance
  • cornering
Blue 2
  • safe descent on easy blue single track and freeride trails or off-road /
  • safe braking and shifting gears off-road
Course elements
  • active position (trail position)
  • keeping balance/stopping
  • starting uphill
  • stopping downhill
  • getting off the back (emergency exit)
  • steep climb up
  • pedalling
  • steep descent
  • lifting front wheel
  • lifting rear wheel
Red 1

descend at a safe speed

  • on all blue trails /
  • on easy red descents as well as over wooden bridges /
  • on northshores and small stone fields
Course elements
  • riding up/down steps
  • loading/unloading with pumping (pump track/waves)
  • rolling hairpin turns (skill centre)
  • stopi
  • basic hop
  • bunny hop
Red 2
  • safe descent at medium speed on all blue/red/black trails as well as on technical single trails /
  • mastering the correct technique for a stopi (rear wheel lift) /
  • bunny hop /
  • a standstill (balance) /
  • small jumps and drops
Course elements
  • lay down bike cornering technique
  • bunny hop over obstacle
  • drop technique
  • bounce in place
  • shifting hairpin turns with rear wheel (skill centre)
  • wheelie
  • emergency front/rear dismount
  • jumping

safe descent at high speed

  • on all black trails /
  • both off-road /
  • in the bike park
Course elements
  • Wheelie drop
  • nose wheelie
  • jumps (tables/doubles)
  • doubling (waves/pumptrack)
  • hairpin turns on single trail (roll/offset)
  • manual/surfing
  • 180°/360° bouncing

E-Bike, safe riding

Course elements

Setup e-bike / info on batteries and other tools, basic positions, braking correctly, riding on gravel roads, balance, cornering technique, overcoming obstacles.



Bike Kindergarten / 1 hour morning lesson

3 years

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Bike Kindergarten / incl. childcare - morning

3 years

Playfully taking their first rides on the bike? Then our Bike Kindergarten with 3 hours childcare is just right for your child. The children will ...


Kids Camp Mini

4 - 5 years

From the balance bike to the mountain bike, in this course children learn the essential basics needed to develop their mountain biking skills. In spite of the learning ...


Kids Camp

from 6 years

The best conditions for this camp is when your child is already safely riding on the bike. This is where we work on the finesse and development of the biking technique. ...


Kids Session: Wednesday afternoon

6 - 16 years

Would you like to improve your bike skills after school? On Wednesday afternoon, you'll be able to get on your bike, have fun, learn new skills and simply enjoy ...


Kids Session: saturday morning

6 - 16 years

Would you like to improve your bike skills on the weekend? On Saturday morning, you'll be able to get on your bike, have fun, learn new skills and simply enjoy ...


Basic Course Beginner

Are you just getting started with your cycling career? In this course, you will learn the basics of mountain biking. You will practise in the skill centres, and ...


Basic Course E-Bike Safety Training

The dusty image of e-bikes has long been a thing of the past. Modern e-bikes are just as much fun on trails as a “regular” mountain bike. Practice takes ...


Family course

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Private Guiding

Would you like some insider tips from our local guides? Or do you prefer a guide to join you on the tour of your dreams? We will be happy to take your requirements ...


Individual group and company events

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Park & Ride - Family Special

Family with Kids from 1 - 4 years

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